The Tool Assist is a very popular mechanic. Speedruns using it are called "Tool-Assisted Spedruns". Here is some information about the Tool Assist.
Tool assisted

The truthEdit

Some people think that the Tool Assist is a cheating device, which help to go through enemies, go through walls etc. Ths is not correct. Almost every emulator can do a Tool-Assisted Speedrun. Even if you think that chaet codes are used, not. Using cheat codes violates the rules of the TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun).

Which emulators can do it?Edit


ZSNES License: Free


1. My favourite emulator.

2. Starnge enough, not prefferd for TASes in

Snes9x License: Free


1. The best emulator for TASes.

2. Not my favourite one, but still like it.


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FCE Ultra (a.k.a. FCEUX) License: Free


1. My favourite NES emulator.

2. The best emulator for NES TASing.

VirtuaNES License: Free


1. I haven`t tryed this emulator.

2. Acording to, you are not allowed to do TASes with it.

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