Here you will learn how to create a Tool-Assisted Speedrun! In this example we will use Mario World, with the ZSNES emulator.

What you are gonna needEdit

The ZSNES emulator (Download)

A clean Super Mario World ROM (It`s illegal to give out sites with ROMs, so you must find it yourself. Tip: Google: Super Mario World ROM)

How to start out?Edit

After you downloaded and extracted ZSNES (Doesn`t need to install), you must run it via the "zsnesw.exe" icon. First you need to make some changes in the settings to be easy to create our Tool-Assisted Speedrun.

1. Go to Confing -> Input.

Zsnes input

Set the Input Device like that.

Zsnes saves

Set the Save Options like that.

2. Set the controls as shown. (The ones with weird codes are by default so don`t worry about them.)

3. Click the X button to close the window.

4. Config -> Saves.

5. Set the controls as shown below. (KP means Key Pad. KP1, is number 1 on you Key Pad, KP+ is the plus on your Key Pad etc.)

6. Click the little X button to close the window.

7. Misc -> Save CFG

Now we are all set! With the folllowing controls:

Z = Jump

X = Run/Grab/Fire

A = Spin Jump

E = Select, Drop Item

Enter = Start

Left arrow = Left

Right arrow = Right

Up arrow = Loop up, go into vertical pipes.

Down arrow = Duck, go into normal pipes.

1 (Key Pad) = Save State

2 (Key Pad) = Load State

3 (Key Pad) = Pick State

+ (Key Pad) = Save Slot Number Increase

- (Key Pad) = Save Slot Number Decrase

Now, you can open your ROM via File -> Load, and train the controls.

Now, try playing and pressing 1 on the Key Pad. If you messup (Get hit, Lose Yoshi, Die etc.) press 2 on the Key Pad. If you want to Save in Slot 0 and then in Slot 9 press 3 on your Key Pad and select Slot nine. If you want to Save in Slot 20, then work with + and - (Key Pad), cause the Slot Select menu, contains only the slots from one to nine. Nothing that there is Slot 528, for example.


After you can use Save States, you can begin. We will nake a TAS of "Yoshi's Island 1" and "Yoshi's Island 2".

Make the following:

1. Go to Misc -> Movie Options.

2. Pick a movie number in the select movie box.

3. In Record from pick Now (Start the recoeding in the current moment), or Reset (Restarts the game and starts the movie.) With my setting it should look like:
Zsnes movie

My settings.

4. Click Record. If you set the mode to Now, then you must manually close the window. If you`ve set it to Reset, thee game will restart and the window will close itself.

5. Beat Yoshi's Island 1 and 2. Noticed how it says "RR SATATE 0 SAVED" and "RR STATE 0 LOADED"?

6. When you are done, click Esc, to pause the recording. Go back to Misc -> Movie Options, and click Stop.

7. Click play to preview your recording. Magic! Only the last loaded state appeared!

Now, you can create your own TASes!

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