Tim Gion Mimin
Tim Artwork

Tim`s official artwork

Ability(es) Jump high,

Make progrmas

Homeworld The Earth
Born 12th Decemberet 1988
Parents Mom: Gelinia Kertoro Mimin

Dad: Gionck Userto Mimin

Gender Male
Eye color Black
Brother(s)/Sister(s) 1 Brother
Job Works with computers
My brother?! He`s death?! Yay! No more stolen crystal searching! Everyone, I think it`s time for a party!
Tim, after undersooding his brother died

Tim is a friendly 23 years old male. After his first adventure, where his evil brother stole the Alynea crystal, he becomes famous. But after two months his evil brother stoles the Ancient crystal, and Tim again finds it. But in his third aventure, the things are going over control. His brother stoles the main crystal. The Crytal of The Floorsland. With this, the whole Floorsland is in danger. In some towns and citys hasn`t got sun anymore, the elecrity stops.

Other infromationEdit

-In the Floorsland 3 has an unused sprite.

-Tim actally has 2 kids.

Tf3 us

Unused sprite in The Floorsland 3.


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