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The HTTP perfix is seen on almost every page in the internet. Just look at the top of this page. No, not that top. The adress bar of your browser. See it? In the beginning of the URL. It marks a regular page.


Some browsers (or every browser) will add this at the beginning of your URL, if its missing.


Let`s try with YouTube. Type in your adress bar. Wait the page to load, and take a look at the adress bar. Is the HTTP perfix added? If not, then your browser is not self-adding it.


Well, almost everyone knows the syntax of the HTTP perfix. Don`t know it, or don`t understand which part of the URL adress is? Here is its syntax: http://

Yeah, it`s only that.

Hope this was helpful!

Telinc1 08:34, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

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