This page is about something that isn't released yet.
It's sure that this will be released, but it is unknown when.

The Floorsland Zero: A travel through the ruins is the fifth game in The Floorsland series. It was frozen for a very long period of time, but Telinc finally has time to work on it again.

Planned FeaturesEdit

  • A Tutorial level that's required to pass, so people stop saying "how do u play" or "why did u put instrutions".
  • Variable Width Font Dialouges, such as the ones from Final Fantasy IV/II.
  • Unique status bar.[1]
  • New monsters - Zombies, Spiders, Fire Snakes [citation needed]

, Ball Crushers [citation needed]

  • Devices and Switches
  • Quizes
  • Various new tasks
  • Scoreboard
  • Roto Discs


  • The worst thing is the new API Connector - Telinc1's absolutely stuck with it.oh no you dount read this
  • This is the first Floorsland game to have better controls.


  1. The status bar will only contain the HP bar. The other info will appear in the pause menu.