The Floorsland: Survival Mode &
The Floorsland: Survival Mode Redesign
Game Version Normal: 1.00; Redesign: 2.00
New things added N/A
NG Score Normal: 2.73; Redesign: 2.22 (wut)
Description The survival modes of The Floorsland.
Type Game
Game Genre Skill - Avoid
Rating Everyone
Play Link Normal; Redesign

The Floorsland: Suvival Mode are two games by Telinc1. The first one is very simple and basic, while the second one is more advanced and better. The goal of both games is simple - to survive.

Gameplay Edit

The games are simple. You are on a flat platform and spikes fall endlesslly from the ceiling. Two spikes are added in each difficulty mode. In the original, two hits will defeat Tim. In the redesign, however, the HP changes between difficulty.

Differences between normal and the redesign Edit

  1. The instructions were re-written to be clearer.
  2. New difficulty mode - Hardcore.
  3. Three medals were added.
  4. A score system was added. Dying on hardcore resets your score back to 0.
  5. A counter was added. It counts from 3 to 1 and then says "GO!".
  6. A scoreboard was added.
  7. Health is determined by difficulty.
  8. Option to turn the sound off was added.
  9. Debug mode was added.
  10. You can press Q during gameplay to go back to the main menu without dying.
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