The Floorsland 1
Game Version 1.00
New things added 3 levels,

Moving platforms

NG Score 1.59 / 5.00
Description My first real game.

First game of the series.

Type Game
Game Genre Action - Platformer - Other
Rating Everyone (E)
Play Link

This is my FIRST real game. It contains 3 levels, but it`s very glitchy, because I was new to Flash.

One of the "glitches" is in Level 3. The moving platforms are moving very fast, and are set incorrectly.

Tf1 cheating

Someone, trying to cheat.


-This is just a basic game game, with score 1.51 /5.00 in

-The only enemy here is the Spike.

-You can fall many times as you want, because there are no lives.

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