Telinc System 2, is a .NET Program, programmed, designed, and debugged by me (Telinc1) in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. It is a solo project.


The latest version, is version number 2. Version 1 does not exist. This means 2 started it all. Version 3.2.0 Beta was been programed to the middle, and stopped.


Download the latest version (Number 2)

Download the source for the latest version (Requires Visual Basic 2008 or higher to open)

Other informationEdit

-This progrm was been made for 2-3 months.

-It was released neaerly to 31st December. (a.k.a. was released 1-2 weeks before New Year.)

-Part of the next version uses background/mwssage box graphics from here.


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