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Needs some work... In the istruction you didn't say what's the key for left and right

and.. The key work sometimes...

"with Left and Right", what you don`t understand? I will not say Left and Right you move with G and H. The keys work all times. It`s tested.

Edit: Please welcome this review to my "Jerkish Review List"!

Marcostudios The Floorsland: Survive
... Game is bullshit once you die you have restart the whole thing This is a normal platformer. How do you want it? To be like in Super Mario Land 2, where if you get game over you go back to the previous level? If so, then for what are the lives? This makes you look stupid. jaws720 The Floorsland 4
how do you play next time put instructions In the other games has instructions. This is more special. Only a moron will not know to move you use Left arrow/Right arrow. In the game has signs, that tell thing you need to know. I haven`t added instuctions, because they will just waste the size of the game, and no one will read them. Learn where the arrow keys are, before reviewing. I`m adding reviews like that, with 0 score, and a useless review into my Jerk-ish Review List. PIEISEPIC The Floorsland 4
WTF DID I JUST PLAY AS? Join square,circleblack, man on a quest to... get a crystal? Oh well it's your first try and probably better then my first try, but try to make your character a bit more... lovable? Not to mention please add music and a storyline and a main menu. None cackletta Platformer (R.I.P.)
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