Here, you can request admin rights. To do it, you nust follow these rules: Project:Admin-Rules. After you are sure everything is OK, follow these steps:

1. Edit section "Requests".
2. Add:
{{subst:Admin Request
|username = (Your username)
|vote_num = (Number of votes that end the request)
|user_desc = (A short description of you, your interests etc.)
"username" is self-explanatory.
"vote_num" is used for the admins to know after how many votes your request will end. If you type in 5, you will be nominated after 5 users vote for your request. That number must be between 5 and 15.
You must describe you, your interests etc. in the "user_desc" field. "div" containers are allowed.
3. When you are done, click publish and wait.

Voting/Commenting for a userEdit


To vote for a user, click "Edit" next to his/her "Votes" section, insert the support or the oppose template (shown on the table at the right) and then describe your vote in variable 1.

Code Produces
{{support|No reason}} Support Support: No reason
{{oppose|No reason}} Oppose-TWiki Oppose: No reason
{{comment|Wiki fill out}} Comment Comment: Wiki fill out


To comment for a user, click "Edit" next to his/her "Comments" section, insert the comment template and then type your comment in variable 1.

When a user will become an adminEdit

If a user's support votes are with 2 or more larger then the oppose votes, then he/she becomes an admin. If the oppose votes are with 2 or more larger than the support, the user will not become an admin.


Request for GarbyMir23Edit

Ended in succsess.


Well, I like this wiki so it will be cool for me to be an admin here.


Your #1 administrator!
 Telinc1  Talk  Email Me  Contributions  Telinc's Wiki  19:44,1/18/2012 19:44,1/18/2012 
Support Support: Well, you are my friend. Everyone knows what's next.


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