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Telinc1's SectionEdit


Welocme! I'm glad to see that you are insterested! Here, you can share eveything with our Community! Telinc's Wiki releated questions, non-Telinc's Wiki releated questions! Please put new sections under old sections. Thanks!

Hard weekEdit

What a week has been here over Telinc's Wiki! We updated many things. enjoy our brand-new styles and other things!

Luigi lost in Telinc's WorldEdit

The title of this can make no sense, but Luigi lost in Telinc's World (or LLITW for short) is the name of my main Super Mario World ROM hack. There is 1 demo released. Right now, I can't add the link, as the site it is on is on the SOPA/PIPA blackout. But, here is the official website! Clicky! Isn't Wix nice? Also, I have made a friend on Super Mario World Central - PokeFan156, also known as SuperMarioWorld156 on Youtube. You can find the website of his hack here - Clicky!

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