Hmm... What can I call these series? "Platformig Nightmare", no this doesn`t fit. Hmm... I know! "The Floorsland". That`s perfect!
—Me, thinking a name for "The Floorsland" game series


Many people have seen me as Telinc1, but my official name is Telinc. "Telinc1" comes from Youtube. If you ask why, here is why. When I registred, the name Telinc was already been used. Telinc1 sounded good to me and made my account in Youtube to be Telinc1. Then I used this name in Newgrounds and here, in Wikia.

My free time

I work on many diffrent thing in my free time. I`m doing episodes on a Mario fan-game called Super Mario Brothers X, I make games and movies on Macromedia Flash 8, I`m making my Super Metroid ROM Hack etc.

Things, that I`m working on

-As mentioned in the last paragraph I`m doing a Super Metroid ROM Hack, called Super Telinc1 Troid. (I`m NOT releasing it. It`s just for fun. It must be run in S.M.I.L.E. with ALL items. If someone likes it he must PM me at YouTube, or send me an email.)

-I`m making the new version of The Floorsland game series.(The Floorsland Zero: ATTTR)

-I`m doing my episode on SMBX.

My accounts

I have many accounts. Here are some of them:

-My Newgrounds account, where you can play all of my games.

-My Youtube Channel, where you can see all of my videos.

My SMW Central Account, where I don`t know what you can do.

My Bgflash account (Translated. Click here to see the original non-translated version.)


Español (Spanish)

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