Super Telinc1 Troid

Version Beta 2
Official game name Super Metroid
Company Nintendo
Description My first hack. (Uncomplete)
Genre Action-adventure
Official series Metroid
Rating 7+ by the European

Game Information (Doesn`t matter that this ROM is a NTSC one.)

If you have read my page, (Telinc) you will know that I`m working on a Super Metroid ROM hack called

"Super Telinc1 Troid". This hack it`s just for fun and abillity testing. I`m not gonna release it. Scroll down for the playlist. If you want it, send me a PM on YouTube, PM me on Newgrounds, comment on the Main Blog of the wiki or contact me via the contact form on my site.

Some things before commenting my hackEdit

-This hack contains Cookie Cuts. (If you don`t know does a Cookie Cut mean, scroll down.)

-Everything is tested. You must glitch through some things.

Cookie CutsEdit

Cookie cut

Similiar to the original SMW, eh?

A cookie cut, means something, thst can be seen only in a hack. It means something very similiar to the actual game. To the right is an image of a cookie cuted Super Mario World hack.

Video PlaylistEdit

Link to the playlist:


Seperate videosEdit

Don`t want to watch the videos from YouTube? Watch them here now! (Every video comes with its extra dialogue.)

Video 1Edit

thumb|380px|left|Video Number 1: The Super Missiled Torizo

00:05 - Telinc1: Samus, it`s time to super missile the Bomb Torizo`s ass!

00:06 - Samus: Yay!

00:33 - Old Bird: Didn`t you have the Varia Suit?

00:48 - Samus: I`ve heard that this door needs 50 missiles to open! Super Missile!

00:58 - LOL! 

1:13 - All: SUPER MISSILES!!

Video 2Edit

thumb|380px|left|Video Number 2: Glitching through some blocks

00:11 - Samus: Let`s make some bomb jump training!

00:20 - Telinc1: Samus, go onto task now!

00:21 - Samus: Uggggh, okay.

00:32 - Samus: I wonder how to break some of these...

00:48 - Samus: I tought that the screw attack is here!

00:54 - Telinc1: I removed it. Now go to glitch through the grapple blocks.

00:57 - Samus: Okay.

01:13 - Samus: That was not fair! I just went through these!

01:16 - Telinc1: That`s right! It`s Norfair! (I mean Not-fair)

Video 3Edit

thumb|380px|left|Video Number 3: Shinespark!

00:06 - Samus: Why my energy doesn`t go down like hell?

00:08 - Old Bird: We hacked your suit. (Under we I mean Telinc1.)

00:19 - Telinc1: Samus, it`s not so hard to do a horizontal Shinespark!

00:22 - Old Bird: Who cares? Let her try again.

00:34 - Telinc1: That`s much better!

00:40 - Old Bird: This time I agree with Telinc1. It`s not so hard to do a horizontal one.

00:47 - Samus: Sorry. Hey, here`s a trick! I`m gonna turn transparent!

00:51 - Telinc1 and Old Bird: Let us guess! Charge Beam.

Video 4Edit

thumb|380px|left|Video Number 4: Space-Time Beam Epic Fail

00:04 - Samus: I`m gonna freeze my suit! Hmm... I know! The Space-Time Beam!

00:09 - Old Bird: It`s Murder Beam!

00:12 - Telinc1 and Samus: The Murder Beam is different.

00:32 - Chozos: We thought we protected that from happening!

00:35 - Telinc1 and Old Bird: Stay like that! We will call the Galactic Federation to blow up your Arm Cannon! Just kidding! Ha! Ha! Ha! Happy 1st April, Samus!

Video 5Edit

thumb|left|380px|Video Number 5: Samus is stuck!

00:02 - Samus: And that was your best plan for unfreezing my suit?!

00:06 - Telinc1: If you mean calling the Galactic Federation to surgically remove parts of your suit, unblocking them, and putting them again, and then weaking you up with your own Missiles and Super Missiles, yes.

00:12 - Samus: Yes I mean that. And do you heard about that my suit is very bl****?

00:17 - Telinc1: I will order someone to clean it, don`t worry.

00:19 - Samus: yeah, and I still have a Psuedo Screw Attack.

00:26 - Samus: I like these pipe-looking things.

00:48 - Samus: I don`t remebered the changed item sound.

01:00 - Samus: I`m gonna get stuck!

01:05 - Telinc1: Let me guess! You want to be cuted on two parts, and transported to the emergency save station!

01:10 - Samus: Nope.
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