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That's the game started it all. It's for the TGA.


When you start a new file, the game displays a loooooong intro.

It starts out with the Mengine guy, going to Cloudygy Land, and stealing the seven golden coins. With that, the Earth messes up! When someone makes a wish, it can never become true!

After that, we go into Telinc's World, where one of my friends runs worried in my room, while i'm chatting in the Community Central. After he tells me what happend, the chat is being closed without a clue and I run to my wardrobe.

When you pass that part, and i'm done clothing, the game shows how I run into the forest.

Intro time: 5 minutes and 3 seconds


That is an RPG styled game. You can move freely around, while defeating enemies, and fighting bosses. Here is a list of all the areas:

  • The Ugly Forest
  • Frogie Path
  • Frog Land
  • Fire Path
  • Flower Town
  • Samus' Area
  • Tetris Puzzules
  • The Blue Volcano
  • Mengine's Factory


  • "Samus' Area" is followed by "Tetris Puzzules", because Samus can shoot Missiles, and the original GameBoy tetris, displays a missile-like rocket if you reach 200,000 score on Type A.
  • "The Ugly Forest" got its name from that it has circleish trees and bushes.
  • If you have your group set right on the final boss (Mengine), you can defeat him with two hits! Strange, because he has 19998 HP.
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