A spike, as it appears in The Floorsland 2
Natural colour Grey
Damage taken Removes HP
Gender Probably male
Width 20 cm
Height 25 cm
Apperances Every game from The Floorsland game series.
Ways to kill None (For now)
Vlurnable points Probably the core in their stomaches. [1]

The spikes actually are a living creature, which moves up and down. They are usally light-grey, with dark-grey strokes.


  • The spikes in The Floorsland 4 don't have strokes. Telinc1 says that it's becasue they look sharper that way, but it's not official.
  • The HP bar is made specially for the spikes. It's not so in The Floorsland 4, and will not be in any future game.


  1. These creatures have a stomach in their middle. Trapping and cutting them will reveal their core, which if damaged in any way, the spikes will die.
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