The Score Grabbers are small ball creatures, that are eating your score. They aren`t friendy. They just eat score like an eating machine.


They have many apperances. Two for now.

The Floorsland 3

In The Floorsland 3, they`re just a small red ball with a white exclamation mark on them. They disappear when you touch them. They also eat 5 of your score by original.

A score grabber

Tim encoutering a Score Grabber in level 2 of The Floorsland 3.

The Floorsland 4: King`s Challenge

They appear also in the brand new game The Floorsland 4: King`s Challenge.

In here, they`re more stylish. It`s unknown how many score they eat. Every time it`s different. They`re again a ball, but this time larger, with more details on their face.

Tf4 sg

Tim meets the first Score Grabber in The Floorsland 4.

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