If you read my page (Telinc), you will know about the Mario fan-game Super Mario Brothers X. (SMBX) I can`t give it to you, because I will die, if Nintendo catches me. I`m sure if you Google it you will find it. (Note that the game is death.)

A strange adventureEdit

My first episode. It completeted. It features:

- Many kind of levels

- Many custom graphics

-Escape Sequnces (From the Metroid Series)

- 3 worlds (Telinc`s Island, Iced Land, Grassy Grassland)

- SMB 3 Warp Pipes

- 2 Mother brains

- A lot of castles (Dungeons for XBox fans.)

Other informationEdit

-World 1 is the largest world (23 levels)

-The warp pipe to world 3 is a one-way pipe.

-In one of the levels you can think that you have only 20 seconds to escape 1 small, and 1 large sections.

-The Kaizo level (and the last warp pipe) contain real Kaizo traps. (i.e. deadly bonus zones, non-moving goobma switch etc.)

Mario: Zero MissionEdit

The first level isn`t done here. That`s a brand new project.

As the name tells it`s like Metroid: Zero Mission

Other informationEdit

-Every graphic and sound here is gonna be replaced with GBA (Gameboy Advance) one.

-Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Mario will be merged here. (Example: Birdo with sound and graphics from Zero Mission, Mother Brain with graphics and sound from Super Mario World)

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