Lazy Shell, also known as "The Lazy Shell" is a program that lets you edit Super Mario RPG. It has different kinds of things, like Stats Editor, Sprite Editor, Level Editor and Script Editor. The Stats Editor lets you edit the enemies, the items, the enemy groups, the item shops and the starting level and items. Sprite Editor lets you edit every signle sprite in the game. The Level Editor lets you edit every single room. The script editor lets you edit the game's scripts. You may not know it, but every Treasure Chest uses an event. The Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom, who tells you "Hey, Mario! Look what are you standin' in!" and after you jump he says "Ha! Gotcha!". He also uses an event.


I made an Ultimate Mario hack. It is Beta 3. The IPS patch, that can be downloaded in the Attachments section, must be used on a clean American ROM of Super Mario RPG.


  1. Ultimate Mario - Beta 3 - You need Lunar IPS to patch this. - This file is protected, so it's only for people that are on the wiki. The password is: lemon
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